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Ideas to Make Your Own Drawer Pulls

Updated February 21, 2017

When you want to change the look of a room, it can be as simple and inexpensive as updating the drawer pulls. For a custom look, you can make your own drawer pulls to create one-of-a-kind drawer pieces that are designed to complement your home design and decor.

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Fabric covering

For an easily customised drawer pull, use fabric covering. Buy cheap wooden pulls at a thrift store or discount department store which will be porous enough for glue to stick. Cover the pull and the base with a layer of craft clue and smooth a piece of fabric over the head. Gather the fabric around the base, adding more glue if necessary. Cut away the extra material for a neat look. Depending on the choice of fabric, you can create a look that is bold or understated and elegant.

Showcase Collection

If you are a collector, you can showcase a miniature version of your items on drawer pulls. Find blank drawer pulls with a flat head and select items from your collection that will cover the head. These can include sea glass, buttons, river rocks, pieces of driftwood or coins. Using heavy duty glue or craft wire, secure each item to the flat area, testing it to be sure it will stay in place.

Ceramic Tiles

A simple, inexpensive method of making drawer pulls is to use tiles. Start with a drawer pull that has a wide head. Find sample tiles, tile magnets or leftovers from a remodelling project. Attach the tile to the head of the drawer pull with super glue and allow it to dry completely before reattaching it to your dresser.


When you want to add spice to your furniture without spending a great deal of money, change the pulls with a coat of paint. Paint can be used with almost any drawer pull. First use sandpaper or primer to give the surface enough texture so the paint will adhere. If you are artistic, paint miniature scenes for a detailed drawer pull; otherwise, use solid colours or simple patterns. Even a new colour can change the entire character of a piece of furniture -- quickly.

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