Homemade Birthday Gift for Dad Ideas

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If you have a creative streak, put yourself to the test and produce something for dad. His birthday is a day to celebrate and spoil him no matter how small a budget you have. A homemade gift will make him smile -- even if he never plans to use it.

He knows that it is a gift made from the heart and inspired by your love for him.

Food Favorites

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Chances are your dad really enjoys his food. Make his birthday the day on which he may indulge in his favourite goodies. Bake him his own batch of cookies to share at his discretion or a birthday cake. If dad does not have a sweet tooth, make him a savoury treat instead. Present him with a cooked breakfast. Pick waffles or a stack of pancakes or go all out with sausages, home fries and eggs. Dad dinner favourites often include steaks, so keep that as an option for later on.


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Make dad a gift he can wear. If you are skilled in any handicrafts such as sewing or knitting, use it to your advantage. Knit him a sweater, either by hand or with a knitting machine. Scarves are straightforward and simple enough for beginners. Other clothing ideas for his birthday include printed items. Help younger children commemorate dad's big day. Let them paint their palms with fabric paint and press them onto a plain T-shirt. Fabric paints may also be used to decorate a tie.

Photo Gifts

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Most dads are proud of their children. Fathers will almost always appreciate photos of their offspring to show off. Make him a scrapbook full of photo memories to treasure for years. If he enjoys reading, make him a photo bookmark using a piece of wide ribbon and a favourite shot. A fun idea is a television photo frame made using a cereal box covered in brown paper. The photo is stuck to the front and the box decorated to look like a television set.

Coupon Book

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On his birthday, pledge to give dad all the things he dreams of. Create a coupon book filled with promises or IOUs. He can remit them at any time for their face value. Be sure to include silly pledges along with real ones. Promise to empty the trash when it is his turn or to not bicker with a sibling for an evening. You may pledge to mow the lawn each week, wax his car or to do great in school.