Mock Congress Bill Ideas

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Writing a bill for a mock Congress is an excellent way to learn about government. Working on your own mock bill will allow you to understand the mechanics of legislating and how to put your proposal together properly. Research how bills are written and adhere to the guidelines.

Focus on what, where and when you want the bill to go into effect. Pick something you are passionate about and form your bill around that idea.

Environmental Bills

Environmental protection is a topic that many people think is important. Finding alternative energy sources could help the environment and help preserve nonrenewable resources. Be specific in choosing a policy to implement, such as setting a deadline for vehicles to run on alternative energy or boosting research funding to find alternatives to plastics.

Controversial Bills

Use a controversial idea and inspire debate by fully researching your topic. For example, propose a bill to provide funding for growing hemp, to abolish the death penalty, to lower the drinking age or to legalise marijuana. Make sure to supply ample reasons why the proposal will be a positive change and how it will help the country financially, if the reasons exist. When proposing a bill on a controversial topic, be persuasive and well-informed.

Health Care Bills

With the current division between those who want federal health care and those who don't, a proposal can go the comprehensive route of implementing national health care for everyone, or focus more narrowly on ideas such as research funding for diseases, medication for the poor or improving working hours and pay for hospital staff. You can also propose a bill focusing on health care for veterans or benefits for those injured in the line of duty.

Pork-Barrel Spending

A common political trick is to add pork-barrel spending to a bill that needs to pass, ensuring that you get funding for an unnecessary project. Take one of the other ideas here and add a pork proposal to benefit the area you represent. With pork spending, you have the opportunity to be outrageous or serious. Propose funding to start a committee that will oversee extraterrestrial negotiations or a walking bridge over a city with bad traffic. Scientific research is quite often considered pork spending when it does not have countrywide benefits. Pick something you are passionate about, such as space funding for your state or the study of a specific animal or plant native to your state.