Free Things on Your Birthday

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If your birthday is coming up and you are looking for ways to save money while celebrating, you are in luck. Many businesses, from restaurants to theme parks to nail salons, offer promotional birthday giveaways. Several websites offer lists of companies that hand out freebies on your birthday. You may score anything from a free ice cream cone to a free car wash.

How to Research Birthday Freebies

If you will be at home on your birthday, a good place to begin is by checking with your go-to places (gym, salon, favourite restaurants) to see if they offer any special deals on birthdays. Once you have exhausted this search, you can look online for chains offering birthday freebies. You may find several places in your area offering birthday giveaways to everyone, not just loyal customers. If you will be travelling on your birthday, you can contact the tourist attractions in the area to see if they offer birthday freebies. Some amusement parks, zoos and museums offer special prices or free entry on birthdays. If you regularly attend a chain coffee shop, there is a fair chance that you will be able to locate one and receive a free cup of coffee. Often, businesses require prior registration to receive these deals, so you might want to start looking a month or more before your birthday. Some companies ask you to sign up for their e-mail or mailing list to receive promotional offers, and others offer birthday gifts only to members.

Food-Related Giveaways

Free desserts, kids meals and beverages are common birthday offers. Many restaurants provide one free entrée with the purchase of another on your birthday, so you can bring a friend and family member and pay for only one dinner. Be prepared, though --- many restaurants like to bring out the wait or kitchen staff to sing to you on your birthday.

Products and Services

You may score a free trim or manicure from your local salon on your birthday if you are a regular customer. It may be a good idea to inquire about this when you go in for a haircut, salon visit or spa service any time of year, because many establishments will simply add your birthday information to their computer database and then automatically send you your free gift or offer when the date rolls around.

Free Activities

Some theme parks and zoos give you free or reduced-price entry on your birthday. Also check with movie theatres, bowling alleys, arcades and baseball stadiums. Children may receive more free birthday offers than adults, but it is worth asking if there is an age limit. Some ski resorts around the country allow you to ski or snowboard free on your birthday as well.

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