What Are Some Arguments on Fossil Fuels?

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The impact of fossil fuel emissions on the environment has been a hot topic of debate for quite some time.

The burning of coal, oil and gas make up the majority of the world's energy consumption, but their availability is decreasing, forcing economies worldwide to look for alternative sources of revenue and energy alike.

Environmental Impact

It has been found that the burning of fossil fuels has a significantly negative impact on the environment. Many scientists agree that the act has promoted the "greenhouse effect," where fossil fuel emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, prevent heat from escaping, and in turn are thought to cause global warming. The only way to stop this phenomenon is to significantly cut down, or completely cut out, the burning of fossil fuels.

Finding Renewable and Sustainable Resources

The world's demand for fossil fuels and energy will increase by approximately 50 per cent by 2025, and the Earth's supply is already depleting at a rapid rate. Though alternative power sources have their positive and negative effects, renewable resources, such as wind turbines, solar power, biofuel or tidal power, and sustainable resources, such as nuclear power, need to be considered for future generations. Approximately 86 per cent of the world's energy in 2011 is provided by the burning of fossil fuels.

High Cost

The price of fossil fuels in 2011 is increasing at a rapid rate, and creating an obstacle for some lower-income groups. This increase reflects the shortage of fossil fuels, and solidifies the notion that alternative energy sources are a necessity. Subsidies for fossil fuel development have also been a topic of debate. President Barack Obama argues that taxpayers' money should be put towards the future (and alternative power sources) rather than oil companies.

  • The price of fossil fuels in 2011 is increasing at a rapid rate, and creating an obstacle for some lower-income groups.

Economic Impact

Until a sustainable alternative presents itself, fossil fuels will continue to be an integral part of many economies worldwide. With the global economy being in a fragile state, some argue that it would be unwise to pull the plug on the use of fossil fuels until an environmentally and economically safe alternative becomes available. With many fossil fuels running low, economies worldwide will all have to eventually shift their sights to alternative sources of revenue.