King Solomon's temple crafts for kids

Wikimedia Commons

In the Bible, the book of 1 Kings, chapters 5 to 8 tell of Solomon building the temple for God. The purpose of the temple was to have a magnificent house of God for all people to worship in.

Kids can create crafts to remind them of the careful work on God's special dwelling and how our lives today fit in with this Bible story.

The "Best for God" plaque

Review the lessons from I Kings chapters 5 to 8 about how Solomon chose the best of every material and the best craftsmen to build God's temple. Provide each children with a plain wooden plaque. Have the kids use craft paints and brushes or paint pens to create a picture of a temple on the wooden plaque. Kids may glue on some gold-coloured items, cherub cutouts and other items they have learnt were in the temple. The kids may use paint pens or markers to write a phrase such as, "Only the Best for God."

Ark of the Covenant

The kids can construct a replica of the Ark of the Covenant that had travelled many places and was placed in God's temple. Give each child a box that held aluminium foil or waxed paper, with the roller inside. The kids should paint their boxes a gold or yellow colour. Have the kids tape several pieces of paper together to form a long scroll, placing tape at top and bottom of paper and not along the sides. The kids may take their time in writing their favourite Bible verses, some Bible promises they have discovered in recent lessons, and prayers on the long paper strip. They may also draw pictures of things they are thankful for and pictures of the way they perceive God's temple to look. After the kids have filled their paper strip with writings and drawings, have them tape the bottom end, back side of the strip to the cardboard roller tube. They should roll their scroll from the bottom end until the scroll is all rolled up, with the pictures and writing facing outward. Place the rolled scrolls inside the box. Tell the kids that this is their "Ark of the Covenant" with God, where they can store their innermost feelings and special thoughts to share with God.

Temple priests

Have the kids trace a paper pattern of a man figure onto an 20 by 25 cm (8 by 10 inch) piece of craft foam. Cut out the foam figure. Kids can use scraps of foam, brightly coloured fabrics, yarn and gold cording to cut and glue priestly clothing onto the figures. Have the kids search the Bible verses and write a description of a priest's role in God's Temple.

Build God's house

Give each child a shoebox. Have the kids use paper, craft sticks, paints and other craft materials to create a diorama of the inside of the temple in their shoebox. The kids can use their Bibles to find the details of God's temple that Solomon had built. If desired, have the kids create a diorama model of their own church instead. Display the models.