Ideas for Birthday Outings

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Birthdays come every year, but that's no reason not to plan an exciting birthday celebration with friends and family. If you choose creative and engaging birthday outings, everyone --- especially the guest of honour --- will cherish the memory of that day for years to come.

Active Outings

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If you're not really a bar-goer, try an active birthday outing with several friends. Book an all-day whitewater rafting trip or a day out on the lake with paddleboats or kayaks. Take a group skydiving or bungee-jumping excursion. You could also plan a days-long adventure hike; pack candy bars and Champagne and celebrate together on the trail. If you don't want to stray too far from home, a water park or amusement park can provide hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Girls- or Guys-Only Outings

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Grab your closest (same-gender) friends and enjoy a celebration together. Girls may enjoy a day of pampering at a spa, shopping at an upscale or out-of-town mall or a long evening at a local winery. Guys could attend a playoff game together, take a road trip to the nearest big city for a night of barhopping or get dressed up and spend all night at a casino. Both genders may enjoy a big concert, going camping or having cocktails at the city's newest hot spot.

Luxurious Outings

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Treat yourself and a few friends to a day of unforgettable luxury. Rent a limousine and go to the nearest large city, where you can enjoy a posh dinner at the trendiest new restaurant. Or, make a group appointment at a spa and enjoy beachside massages together. You could also rent a yacht or sailboat for the evening. Enjoy cocktails and dinner on board while watching the sunset. Or book the most luxurious suite you can find in a five-star resort and enjoy first-rate service and amenities on your birthday.

Low-Cost Outings

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If you're short on cash, or just want to celebrate like a kid, you have plenty of options. Take your friends out for a night at the skating rink, or split into teams and take each other on at a bowling alley. You could also spend a few hours at an arcade, then have pizza and beer for dinner. Or, split your friends into teams and have each team create a city- or neighbourhood-wide scavenger hunt for the other. The winning team takes the other out for drinks.

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