Interesting Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

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High school teens deliver speeches in language arts, history, science and speech classes. Sometimes such speeches require the student to persuade the audience to agree with his perspective. Some students approach these speech assignments with fear and concern. However, if allowed to choose humorous topics for persuasive speeches, teens may approach the assignment with more enthusiasm.

Family Topics

A student might prepare a persuasive speech on a variety of family-life topics. One such speech topic could address why parents should avoid behaviours that teens find embarrassing. Typical parent behaviours that can embarrass teens include public displays of affection, telling "cute" family stories and showing baby pictures of the student to dates and classmates.

The teen might speak about why he should get a brand-new car instead of his parents getting one. Potential persuasive arguments could include promises that the teen won't transport young children with messy snacks in the car, the teen would wash the car more often than his parents would, and he would look cooler in a hot car than his parents would.

School Topics

A potential school-life persuasive speech topic could include why school should start at noon instead of 8:00 a.m. The student could argue that she would get more sleep if school started later, thus improving her school performance, or that she would be less likely to be tardy to first period with a noon start time.

Alternatively, the student could assert that Fridays become themed dress-up days. Students can come to class with pink hair and green clothes to resemble a flower or paint their exposed skin with school colours to show team spirit. She could propose that all students and school personnel dress up following a holiday theme on the last school day before a holiday.

Out-of-This-World Topics

In a science class, a student might present a persuasive speech on whether aliens are really abducting people and which celebrities have been abducted based on behaviour. The student might pose arguments such as that the aliens were lured here by episodes of "Star Trek" they believed were real, that they encountered Voyager II and believed our invitation was genuine and that the map was an indication that we wanted them to visit.

Does Television Make You Stupid?

A student might give a persuasive speech on why it isn't smart to watch reality television or game shows. The student could spotlight people on various television shows, such as "America's Funniest Home Videos," "World's Dumbest" and Letterman's segment on "Stupid Human Tricks," or contestants on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" "Cash Cab" and "Family Feud." The student could question whether the people on these shows demonstrate that there is little intelligent life on the planet. She could pose that the shows choose people who demonstrate a lack of intelligence to make viewers feel smart.

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