What are the most popular graduation presents for boys?

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Graduations, regardless of whether they are from high school or college, signify an ending as well as an exciting beginning. To celebrate this important accomplishment, many families and friends give a graduation present. The most popular graduation gifts for boys are sure to put a smile on the new graduate's face.


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Many teens enjoy having the latest electronic gadgets, making them one of the most popular gifts for male graduates. Boys who have recently graduated will look forward to taking pictures of their friends and family, summer activities and new adventures come fall with a new digital camera. A desktop computer or laptop will also come in handy for graduates heading to college.

College Gear

Giving a graduate memorabilia and gear from the school he plans to attend in the fall is a way to get him even more excited about the future. Hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other pieces of clothing that bear the college's colours or symbol will let the student show some pride about his future school. Even blankets with the university's name or stuffed mascots make popular presents for male graduates.


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Scrapbooks and other gifts that commemorate the passing years are another popular graduation present for boys. Before the graduation party, friends or family members can gather pictures of the graduate throughout the years, from when he was a newborn to times with his high school friends. A crafty individual can then put together a scrapbook that shows off these important memories. Another popular gift is a message book, personal messages and signatures from friends of the graduate. These popular gifts are sure to be cherished for years.

Gift Cards

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It can be difficult to pick out the perfect gift for a boy who has just graduated. Gift cards are a popular gift choice because they allow the graduate to pick out a gift for himself. If the student will be attending college, giving him a gift card for shops or restaurants in the area will allow him to explore the new area and enjoy himself with his new friends. Other gift cards, such as to electronics boutiques or grocery stores, are more limited but still useful.

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