Outdoor Pet Fencing Ideas

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Although pets require fresh air, sun and exercise, safety and cleanliness can be an issue. Dogs and cats that wander onto car parks, roads or highways risk being struck by motor vehicles, which often results in injuries or even death. Alternatively, they can also become unwanted visitors in your neighbour's yard, especially if prone to digging through gardens or even garbage. Some pets are also aggressive towards each other, or even small children. Installing outdoor fencing creates a controlled environment where pets can remain clean and safe.

Chain Link Fence

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Best suited for dog owners, a six foot chain link fence keeps dogs restricted to a specific area of the yard. It is high enough to deter climbing in small breeds, although larger breeds may still be able to climb over. Chain link is durable, which makes it ideal for homeowners who desire a long lasting option that will last for the duration of their pet's life. However, chain link does allow the dog to see who or what is located beyond the boundaries. This can be a problem for dogs that bark at people, vehicles or other animals in view (see Reference 1).

Concrete Privacy Fence

Concrete fencing creates privacy by obstructing the dog's view and keep it from barking at anything that happens to pass by. Furthermore, at six feet high, a concrete privacy fence is too high for most dogs to jump over. Unlike chain link fencing, concrete is also difficult for most cats to climb. However, concrete can be costly to install, and some homeowners do not like it's heavy appearance (see Reference 1).

Electric Fence

Available for both cats and dogs, electric fences provide pets with the illusion of freedom while keeping them contained. These are especially useful for owners with dogs who persistently try to dig beneath other types of fences, cats who climb over traditional fences or pet owners who do not enjoy the appearance of an actual fence. Electric fences represent an invisible option that does not obstruct the view of the surrounding yard or neighbourhood (see Reference 1). In order for an electric fence to work, pet owners bury a special wire underground to create the fence's boundary. This wire sends a radio signal to any pet wearing a specially designed collar when he trespasses outside the fence's designated area. When the dog exceeds the fence's boundary, the collar emits static designed to help deter the behaviour (see Reference 2).


Most pet fencing ideas are best suited for homes with dogs. Cat owners should consider installing a pen or enclosure that is covered on all sides, including the top, to prevent the cat from escaping.

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