Girl's 12th birthday party ideas

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When you're planning a birthday party for a girl who's turning 12, be sure to select activities that the birthday girl and her guests will enjoy. Choosing party ideas for tweens can be difficult because you don't want the party to be too childish or too adult.

Twelve-year-olds are old enough to help plan the party, so get some input from the birthday girl.

Cooking Lesson

Some 12-year-old girls enjoy getting in the kitchen and preparing foods. When the birthday girl likes learning new cooking techniques, turn her party into a cooking lesson. Hire a local chef for the party, or simply do the lesson yourself. Plan a menu that the girls will enjoy, possibly featuring some of the birthday girl's favourite dishes, and give all the girls a job. Although 12-year-olds should be able to handle most of the kitchen tools, caution them to be careful when using sharp knives.


Have a makeover party for a 12-year-old girl's birthday. Go to a spa or a salon for the party, or bring hair and make-up experts to your home. Let all the girls get their hair and make-up done, even if they don't regularly wear make-up. Most little girls love wearing make-up, so getting it done professionally will be a fun treat. They can also receive tips from pros about skin and hair care, adding an educational component to the party.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Tween girls likely enjoy spending time at the mall, so take that as an inspiration for the party and have a mall scavenger hunt. Take the girls to the mall and split them into small groups. Make sure you have an adult with each group. Give each group a digital camera and a list of things to take pictures of. Choose things like the pretzel stand, a pair of black leather boots and a mom pushing a stroller. The first group to take all its pictures wins.

Tea Party

Let the young girls feel like adults and host a tea party for them. This party is perfect for girls turning 12 who like to get dressed up and do girlie things. Ask the girls to dress nicely and give them each a hat to wear when they arrive. Throw the party at a local tea restaurant or host it in your own home. Set the table with nice china and serve several different kinds of teas, scones, cookies, cupcakes and small sandwiches.