Wedding Anniversary Inscription Ideas

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After you've spent countless hours scouring the city in search of the ideal gift for the lucky couple, adding an inscription that honours their commitment to one another shows you care on an intimate level. Whether you're giving your partner a private memento or attending a party and celebrating both wife and husband, several ideas are available. Remember to match words or phrases to the size of the present.

Why to Inscribe

Inscribing an anniversary gift ensures that the happy couple will forever attach their special day to your presence at their party. Whether you've been friends since childhood or developed a friendship as adults, personalising a gift in this way shows you cared enough to pay attention to the details of their daily lives. Do a basic inscription such as "First Year" or pick an intimate quote particular to the couple.

What to Inscribe

Choose among multiple types of materials and gift items when looking to personalise the gift you're giving the lucky couple. Build a memory box out of wood and use a thin-tipped drill bit or small digging tool to etch a date or family name into the wood. Metal, glass, aluminium and paper are other materials that lend themselves to inscription. Fabric also works well for this idea.

Where to Find Sentimental Phrases

Show the honoured couple or your spouse that you care by selecting words, a phrase or a longer sentimental quote that reflects an intimate aspect of your commitment to the relationship. Poems, a religious text, love-based books, old love letters and historical documents all offer interesting, memorable options. Visit rare bookstores, libraries, museums, gift shops, speciality stores such as lingerie and sex boutiques, or high-end retail cooking chains for ideas. Greeting cards and small plastic wallet cards with inspirational quotes are also options.

Gift Ideas

Numerous gift ideas are available that lend themselves to inscription. Select a book with special meaning to your spouse and inscribe it with her name, the date or the location of your celebratory night. A snow globe, painting, photo frame and jewellery are additional ideas. A special-occasion dining room tablecloth, napkins or runner are also options. Surprise your bride with a silver vase, blanket or specially inscribed jewellery.

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