Hazards Due to Poor Staff Training

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Your staff, in whatever industry, needs to be trained in all of the processes and procedures that your work entails. If they are not trained correctly, many hazards to you, your business, the staff, and the customers could result from mistakes. Training your staff correctly protects everyone from injuries or from financial issues that come up.

Hazards to You

There are hazards to you if the staff is not properly trained. If the staff does something illegal because they are not trained, such as giving away items at a store, performing a procedure incorrectly at a doctor's office, or using shop tools incorrectly, you can bear the brunt of what they've done. An untrained employee is no excuse in the eyes of the law. For instance, if your employee is not trained in selling alcohol and sells it to a minor which is against the law, you are held liable for allowing this to happen in your business. An untrained staff can have a huge impact on you and your reputation.

Hazards to the Business

Hazards exist to the business if the staff is not trained. An untrained car mechanic may break a car, causing the business to be sued or to lose money repairing what has been broken. Someone not trained in computers who accesses your work computer could wipe out the entire budget or customer files for your business and destroy it. An employee making tax decisions or budget decisions for your business who is not properly trained can make mistakes that destroy your finances and ruin your business.

Hazards to the Staff

When employees are not trained correctly, they are a hazard to themselves and to other members of staff. An employee can hurt himself operating a fry cooker if he doesn't know how, or can cause a fire that endangers others. Employees not trained in electronic safety can unintentionally hurt other employees. Employees who aren't trained to lock up in the evenings can cause a security hazard and the employees arriving after them can be hurt by intruders.

Hazards to the Customers

Untrained employees are also hazardous to the customers. An untrained hair dresser can do great damage to someone's hair. An untrained medical professional can even kill someone. An untrained teacher can promote bad behaviour or pass on incorrect knowledge to students. Untrained bus drivers can cause accidents that can kill the people riding the bus.

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