Fun & easy crafts for kids to make

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Make crafts with kids that are fun and easy to allow children to experience a hands-on activity they can keep for themselves or share as gifts for others. Create easy crafts to occupy kids on a rainy day or just to add something fun to a boring afternoon.

CD Critters

Let kids turn old CDs into fun and easy craft projects they can make on their own or with the help of an adult. Have children use felt, paint, craft foam, glue and markers to create different critters. Encourage children to use the CDs to create turtles, ladybirds, lion heads or panda heads by using the materials you've supplied. Glue a magnet on the back of the CD so children can display their critters on the refrigerator. Consider attaching a clothespin to the back of the CD as well as a magnet to use the CD critter as a way for children to display their homework in a prominent location.

Paper Bag Puppets

Paper lunch bags provide for instant entertainment when combined with scissors, glue and construction paper. Have children design puppets of their own creation, or puppets based on a story you shared together. Add additional materials, such as pipe cleaners, yarn and craft foam for more exciting puppet designs. Once kids have finished making their puppets, create a stage out of a large cardboard box for them to have their own puppet show production. Use a scrap piece of material to create a curtain for the stage and use paint or felt to cover the rest of the box.

Tie-Dye Artwork

Introduce kids to the fun of tie-dyed art by using coffee filters, rubber bands and watercolour paints. Have kids gather up their coffee filter in various sections and use the rubber bands to secure each section. Use the watercolour paint set to paint sections various colours to create an assortment of colours for children to dunk their coffee filter. Allow the coffee filter to dry, then undo the rubber bands to see the resulting piece of art. Punch a hole in the top of the filter and attach a string for kids to hang in a window.

Create a Book

As a group activity for your kids, create your own story book out of an empty cereal box and some construction paper. Remove the plastic bag from an empty cereal box and cut away the top flaps, bottom panel and one side panel of the box. Fold the box in half, creasing the remaining side panel down the centre. Insert construction paper sheets into the cereal box and punch holes through the side panel and the paper pages. Secure the pages with yarn. Have children help create a story for the pages of the book and allow them to illustrate the story with crayons and markers.

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