What is marble cookware?

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Marble cookware includes pots, pans, pizza stones and other cooking vessels that are coated with marble instead of non-stick surfaces made with chemicals.

This cookware has become popular in recent years because of the popularity of natural and organic cooking among hobbyists, as well as because of concerns about the health effects of man-made non-stick coatings. Marble cookware is widely available in speciality cooking stores, as well as online and through cooking clubs.

Benefits of Marble Cookware

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about the health effects of using other non-stick surfaces that are made from chemicals. One study indicates that overheating cookware coated with other, man-made surfaces can create toxic fumes that may cause long-term health effects in humans. Further, users of marble cookware extol its fast and even heating and natural non-stick properties that virtually eliminate the need for butter or oils that add fat to food.

Care of Marble Cookware

Marble cookware requires more care than conventional cookware because it stains and scratches more easily. It is important to hand-wash your cookware in order to protect it from scratches and damage from abrasive dishwasher detergents. After cooking, hand washing the cookware right away in dish soap prevents stains from setting in and discolouring the marble surface. Always use a soft sponge with a mildly abrasive side, never steel wool.

Manufacturers of Marble Cookware

There are many companies that specialise in marble cookware, as well as cookware that is made from other natural stone such as soapstone. Many of the manufacturers are located in Asia, where marble-coated cookware has been popular for a number of years. However, North American and European manufacturers are also beginning to manufacture marble cookware as well, which has increased its availability in non-Asian markets.

Where to Get Marble Cookware

Marble cookware can now be found at popular cooking stores and even discount department stores in North America and Europe. If you would like a wider range of options, several more manufacturers market their cookware online and will ship directly to your door. If you would like to see marble cookware in action and hear testimonials from actual users, several infomercials feature marble cookware sets.