Home Remedies for Trapped Gas in Toddlers

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A toddler suffering from gas pain does not always need to take over-the-counter medication to relieve discomfort. There are home remedies for gas trapped in toddlers that provide fast relief. Trying out home remedies one at a time will help parents find the best remedy to use on an uncomfortable toddler.


Regular water relieves toddler gas pain. The average parent focuses on giving an active toddler juice and milk during the day. When a toddler does not get enough water, she may become constipated and gassy. Giving a toddler water several times each day helps to release trapped gas. If a toddler does not like drinking water, consider giving the toddler a paediatrician-approved flavoured water.

Fresh Fruit

Over-the-counter gas relief medicines contain enzymes that break down undigested food. These gas-relieving enzymes are also found in fresh fruit. Grapefruit and pineapples are two fruits that naturally contain a high amount of enzymes. When a toddler is suffering gas-related pain, feeding her fruit that is enzyme-rich will provide relief.


In small quantities, peppermint provides fast gas relief for toddlers. Chewing one small peppermint leaf will release trapped gas quickly. If the toddler only has a few teeth and chewing is a concern, lukewarm peppermint tea is an alternative. Two or 88.7ml. of tea containing only peppermint also relieves gas. Avoid using any tea that has a mixture of peppermint and black tea. Pure peppermint tea is available in some supermarkets and health food stores.


Gentle massage relieves gas and helps calm a toddler if the gas is causing her pain. Using counter-clockwise circles, massage the area just above the toddler's lower abdominal area. Massage is the best choice for the parents of toddler's who experience exceptionally painful gas.

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