Kids' Volcano Games

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Volcanoes are a fascinating subject for kids to explore, and games are a great tool to facilitate that exploration. There are myriad fun and educational games about volcanoes that kids can play for free online, offered by trusted sites such as Discovery Kids and National Geographic.

Playing online games is a good way to let kids explore their interests in a fun, safe way.

Volcano Explorer

Volcano Explorer is a game on the Discovery Kids website that lets kids a close-up look at a volcano. In the game, you can take a look at the global perspective on volcanoes, explore volcano types, go inside a volcano and even build your own virtual volcano and have it erupt. Volcano Explorer offers kids the chance to learn facts about volcanoes in a fun way and then get hands-on experience with the conditions required to make a real volcano erupt.

Volcano Lab!

Another educational game is Volcano Lab!, from Scholastic Kids. In this game you must answer quiz questions about volcano facts to bring your virtual volcano closer to exploding. Every question you get right gets you closer to the big bang, but miss too many questions and your volcano just fizzles out. Kids interested in testing their volcano knowledge with a fun quiz that promises an explosive conclusion will enjoy this game.

Quiz Your Noodle: Volcanoes

Another quiz-based game, Quiz Your Noodle: Volcanoes is provided by National Geographic Kids. Quiz Your Noodle: Volcanoes, is a multiple choice quiz that features questions about the number of active volcanoes on Earth, where the tallest volcano is and the etymology of the word "volcano." After answering each question, players can read more about the answer and learn new facts about volcanoes as they play.

Build a Volcano

This fun and educational game, offered by the National History Museum, lets players choose the conditions of their volcano and watch it grow and erupt in an animation. Players can choose to make the lava runny or sticky, and contain a little water or a lot of water. There are four possible volcanoes that can be created, each with its own animation that shows and explains how that type of volcano grows and what type of eruption it would have.