Ideas for a Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

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At the end of fifth grade---or year six in countries such as the United Kingdom---school pupils will typically move from elementary school, or the local equivalent, to middle school. Some schools will want to mark the departure of the year group by staging a leavers' assembly on the last day of the academic year. At this event, both teachers and students can celebrate the leavers' time at the school.

Favourite Memories

Students in the year group can be asked beforehand to think of their favourite memory relating to their time in the school. This memory can be anything from winning a school soccer game to taking part in the annual school play, but it should be kept fairly brief and to the point. Teachers can then dedicate a lesson before the leavers' assembly to shaping these memories into written pieces, which each child will then read aloud before the rest of the school during the assembly.

Now And Then

A teacher could organise a section of the leavers' assembly that focuses on how the school has changed since the leavers' year group first arrived at the school. Beforehand, students can brainstorm suggestions of what's different now compared to what existed at the school several years ago; they might talk about teachers who have left, for instance. During the assembly, the students can be divided into two groups. Half of them will talk about how the school used to be and the other group can reply with comments about what it's like today.

Leavers' Play

A play can be written or adapted for children to perform during the leavers' assembly. The play doesn't have to be long and can feature a varying amount of students, from just a few to many, depending on the play's length. To cut down on the amount of lines each child will have to learn at short notice, the teacher writing the play might want to use a different cast for each scene. Ideas for plays include acting out a typical day in the school, with students doing impressions of their favourite teachers, or adapting a popular classic such as "Little Red Riding Hood" or "Peter Pan."


A performance of a song can bring the whole year group together. The students don't need to be particularly impressive singers, since a large number of kids will be performing together, but teachers will need to ensure that enough rehearsal time is given for students to learn the lyrics. Suggested songs for this idea include "School's Out" by Alice Cooper and "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard.

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