Engraved Garden Gifts

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Finding just the right gift for a special friend or family member sometimes feels like an overwhelming task -- especially when the recipient has everything. Try giving a personalised gift for the outdoors. Engraved garden gifts, gaining in popularity, are perfect for the person who has it all.

Some ideas for engraved or personalised garden gifts include wind chimes, stones, love rocks and garden stakes.

Engraved Wind Chimes

Sitting outdoors and listening to a wind chime is hypnotic and peaceful. The chime sound occurs when the wind causes the tubes or rods of the chime to collide, producing a sound specific to the type of material used for the tubes or rods. Wind chimes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and tones. Wood chimes have a deep, woody sound, and small metal chimes sound angelic. An engraved wind chime makes a personalised gift for someone who loves to feel peaceful while gardening.

Engraved Garden Stone

Homeowners use garden stones to pave a walk in the garden or to accent a special garden area. Engraved garden stones come with personal messages, images or both. Have a stone engraved with the recipient's favourite phrase or saying. If the recipient already has an engraved stone in his garden, think about having a stone engraved with his name and address for him to arrange by his mailbox post.

Love Rocks

Giving an engraved love rock to a friend who has lost a pet is a compassionate and loving thing to do. A love rock sits on top of, or close to, where the pet is buried -- often in a garden. Love rocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For a special touch, ask to have a paw print and the pet's name engraved on the love rock. If you want a more personal gift, have a picture of the pet engraved on the love rock.

Garden Stake Stones

You may have seen small polished stones about the size of a pop bottle lid or a little bigger; you can often find them in craft or jewellery supply stores. For an interesting way to personalise these polished stones for a garden, take them to someone who does engraving and have the names of plants and flowers engraved on them. Glue the stones to metal garden stakes, and give them to a gardener to put by the seeds of plants and flowers as she plants them. The stones will help the gardener know which seeds she planted in each spot when they sprout.