Things to Do On a Golden Wedding Anniversary

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A golden anniversary is a special milestone where a couple celebrates 50 years of marriage. It's becoming increasingly less common for couples to make it to this anniversary. The 2001 US Census showed that roughly 60 per cent of couples married in 1959 were still married at that time. Fifty years together is a long time to create memories, making a golden anniversary a perfect time to relive these memories and share them with loved ones.

Renew Vows

A vow renewal ceremony is a way to tell each other, along with friends and family, that the love is still the same as -- if not more than -- it was 50 years ago. Renewing vows at the location where the wedding took place can add extra sentimental value. Couples can choose to have a ceremony reminiscent of their original wedding, having decorations and music from 50 years ago. Exchange the original wedding bands again or new rings purchased to celebrate this important milestone.

Create a Memory Book

A memory book can allow the couple to relive the past 50 years spent together. Display photographs taken throughout the years in a neatly bound book with the couple's names on the cover. Arrange the photographs by year, starting with the earliest, so viewers can take a journey through the years and see all of the things that they have experienced together. Ask friends and family members to provide any pictures they have that can be used in the book.


A vacation is a way for a couple to spend quality time together while celebrating the 50 years they have been married. The vacation destination can be a place they've always dreamed about going or a significant place from their past. Sticking to the theme of the golden anniversary, couples may visit Australia's Gold Coast or Florida's Gold Coast. Other popular anniversary vacation destinations include California, Hawaii or somewhere exotic like France or Italy.


Celebrate a golden wedding anniversary by throwing a party with the couple as the guests of honour. Invite friends and family to join the celebration and enjoy a day of music, dancing, food and drinks. Guests can bring gifts for the couple, including photographs and handwritten notes about how their love has been an inspiration. Set aside time to allow guests to speak to the crowd and honour the couple with a toast.

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