Strengths & weaknesses of a student

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A student is responsible for attending classes, taking detailed notes, reading the required materials and studying for tests and examinations. Since each student is different in terms of skills and motivation, the strengths and weaknesses of each student will differ.A student's strengths and weaknesses may also depend on the courses being taken. A student may thrive in one area of study but struggle in another.


A powerful strength of a student is the ability to remain organised. A student has several courses and reading lists at a single time, so the student must have the ability to stay organised. This can include having a calendar on which the student writes the deadlines of projects, assignments and examinations so she does not miss an important deadline. If the student also needs to read chapters or books before attending a class, the student could write each chapter onto the calendar to ensure that all tasks are completed before entering a class or seminar.

Hard Working

Another strength that is beneficial for a student is the ability to work hard. Working hard can include staying at the library late at night, staying home while other students go out and party on the weekend and completing projects well in advance of their due dates. The ability to work hard is considered a strength for a student, as it can be hard to say no to a party with friends or to remain active at the library once it gets dark outside.

Lack of Motivation

A lack of motivation can severely hurt a student when it comes to completing projects. The lack of motivation is considered a weakness for many students, particularly those who experience a lack of motivation in all school-related items. Although a project may be inspiring and interesting to a student, the lack of motivation can harm a student's productivity. Some students may copy or purchase completed essays or assignments online due to their lack of motivation.


One of the biggest weaknesses students often face is procrastination, which is finding other smaller things to do even though the student has one or two large tasks at hand. The weakness is giving in to the procrastination, which can include surfing the Internet about related topics, going out for lunch with friends or watching a movie.

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