"Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" Birthday Party Ideas

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"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a children's book about the adventure of a boy, Charlie, who, along with four other children, is invited to explore the Willy Wonka candy factory. Two film versions of the book have been made.

Because children enjoy both the book and the movie, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" makes for a unique children's birthday party theme.

Golden Ticket Invitation

In the story, the children find golden tickets in candy bars, and it is these golden tickets that allow them entry into the candy factory. To alert guests to the party's theme, design your party invitations to look like golden tickets. Purchase a number of chocolate bars at your local grocery store, and wrap them in yellow paper or golden foil gift wrap. Write the party's information onto each bar's wrapper with a permanent marker, and hand-deliver them to your guests. You do not want the invitation melting in the mail!

Decorations at the Party

Due to the popularity of the movie, you may be able to find movie-based "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"-themed party decorations at your local party store. However, if you prefer to make your own decorations, purchase a variety of bulk and boxed colourful candies. Cut the logos from the boxes and attach them to the party location's walls. Enlist the help of your child to make colourful paper candies out of construction paper. Mix these with the box fronts for additional wall decor. Scatter colourful candies on the table instead of glitter to decorate the food area. Make a large golden ticket welcome sign to display outside of your party location. Cut a large rectangle out of poster board and wrap it in gold foil to match the invitations. Use a black marker to write a welcoming message on the golden ticket.

Outdoor Movie Viewing

Host an outdoor viewing of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" during the party celebration. Rent a large projector and display the movie on the side of a fence or large wall of your house. If the weather does not permit you to watch the movie outside, set up a movie room in your house or in a special room at your party location. Provide guests with popcorn, fountain drinks and candy while they watch the movie. Ensure that the parents of your party guests are comfortable with you showing this movie to their children at the party as some of the scenes may frighten young children due to mild violence.

Chocolate Fountain

In "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," one of the visiting children falls into a chocolate river that is held within the factory. To emulate this scene, purchase or rent a chocolate fountain to use at your birthday party. Use the birthday child's favourite type of chocolate (milk, dark or white), and serve various foods to dip into the melted chocolate. Dipping ideas might include fruit, marshmallows and candy. Have toothpicks on hand for the guests to use to facilitate clean dipping.