Children's Activities for St. David's Day

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On March 1, the people of Wales celebrate St. David's Day in honour of the nation's patron saint, a Celtic monk canonised in 1120. It is customary for people to wear daffodils or leeks, two of the national symbols of Wales, on that day, and women and girls often don the country's national costume.

There are many activities through which children can commemorate the birth of Dewi Sant, as he is called in Wales.


Music and dancing are common at festivals, and St. David's Day is no exception. Concerts are a typical occurrence, especially male choral concerts. Secondary schoolchildren often celebrate the saint's day by holding a festival of traditional Welsh dancing and folk singing known as an Eisteddfod. Welsh poems may be recited during the festivities, and a choir competition is sometimes held at the height of this Eisteddfod.

Arts and Crafts

Colouring is always a popular activity for small children. In honour of St. David's day, they might colour pictures of daffodils, leeks, or Wales' other national symbol, a red dragon. Kids also can make a papier mache dragon shield or construct a daffodil out of construction paper and an egg carton cup. Others might enjoy painting a ceramic vase in which they can display some real daffodils.


In addition to wearing daffodils, some kids may be interested in learning how to grow them. Kids can choose the bulb and plant it either in a flower pot or outdoors in a moist, sunny spot. They only need to place the bulb in the soil, roots pointing down, and make sure the plant gets sunlight and water, and they will have a living tribute to St. David.


One Welsh national symbol, the leek, can be made into a delicious soup. In Wales, the dish is known as Cawl Cennin, and it is easy for even kids to make, with some adult supervision. By simmering leeks, celery and an onion in a lamb stock and adding some cream and parsley, kids can make a tasty meal that is very appropriate for a St. David's Day celebration.