Fun & Entertaining Speech Topics

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Some people love to give speeches, others shudder at the very mention of having to give a speech. Love them or hate them, speech giving is something that nearly every person will have to do at some point. It is important to ensure that your speech is as fun and entertaining as it can be, no matter what the subject matter is.

Inspiring Speeches

Often, the purpose of a speech is to inspire or motivate a group of people to do something or reach a goal that has been set for them. The most engaging speakers of our time have been able to speak about inspiring topics and engage their audiences by infusing their speeches with humour and wit. When giving an a speech with an inspirational topic, use quotes from famous people that back up the message you are trying to convey, and then try cracking a funny but respectful joke about the person who made the quote.

Informational Speeches

When the purpose of a speech is to convey information to a large audience, the importance of maintaining a fun and entertaining undertone throughout your presentation is of key importance. The best way to do this is by including members of your audience in the speech by interacting with listeners, bringing them up on stage and perhaps having a short question and answer period with your audience. Ask random amusing questions to your listeners throughout the speech so that despite the nature of your speech, the topic remains entertaining.

Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive speeches have been used since the beginning of the modern era to influence people to think in one direction or another, or to choose between one idea or another. Political speeches are a perfect example of persuasive speech. However, persuasive speeches can be very funny and entertaining as well. Consider infusing your persuasive speech with jokes about the opposite point of view (while remaining cordial) that will serve not only to add entertainment value to your speech but also to underline the main persuasive focus of your speech. Choose your jokes wisely to retain a level of good taste.

Serious Speeches

While it may seem like a serious yet fun and entertaining speech is an oxymoron, in reality, the best speeches of serious nature have moments of lightness that allow listeners a breather and a moment of respite from the topic at hand. Consider a funeral speech: many memorial speeches feature anecdotes about funny things the deceased person did or said in their lifetime. Another example of a serious speech could be one where the topic surrounds some of life's biggest mistakes and how to avoid them. When infused with humour, the seriousness of the topic still resonates but the audience is entertained as well.

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