Party Bag Ideas for a Hen Night

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A hen night is known in the United States as a hen party. Some groups of women may choose to go to bars, casinos or clubs to celebrate a friend's upcoming wedding. Other groups party at one place or have a travelling party where they go to several private homes for food and games. Party bag ideas typically match the theme and tone of the hen night party.

Costume Pieces

Fill the bags with a variety of inexpensive dress-up items. Every half hour or before entering a different bar, casino, club or private home, have all the ladies put on the same costume piece. Some ideas are tiaras, headbands with heart toppers, devil horns, angel halos and inexpensive bridal veils. Shirts personalised with the name of the bride or a photo of the couple and a phrase like, "She's marrying this hunk," make keepsakes for every party participant.

Noisy Favors

Encourage the group of women to make noise wherever the party takes them. Place plastic handclapping toys, bells and party horns in the party bags. You may want to add to the noisy theme with a word game theme. Make a list of words that the partygoers should listen for, such as the groom's name, wedding, honeymoon, cake, bride, marriage and the bride's name. List a noisemaker that everyone should use each time that word is spoken throughout the evening.

Naughty Bag

Shop online or at a party store for honeymoon-appropriate items. Wrap the items and have times during the party when one person should open a gift to show the others. Each woman may keep her gifts or give them to the bride. Sexy underwear, naughty ice cube trays or cupcake pans, pencil toppers or erasers and party games for newlyweds will keep the group in fits of laughter throughout the party. Be sure to keep the items appropriate for the group of women who will attend the hen party.


Place a disposable camera in each bag. Also add a small photo album with the bride's name and the wedding or party date printed on the front of the album. Each guest can snap impromptu pictures of the group, including posing the group in front of a restaurant or bar or around statues, fountains and landmarks. Each guest may take their camera home and develop the pictures to keep or share with the bride.

Travelling Gifts

Begin the evening by displaying several unwrapped gifts on a table. Some gifts may be alike and others may be the only one of that item. Match the gifts to the group of ladies, like naughty gifts for a wild bunch and practical gifts for a non-drinking group.

Have each guest choose two or more items to place in separate paper lunch bags. Staple the bags closed and place them inside that guest's gift bag. Periodically, have guests take turns reaching into someone else's bag and choosing a gift. Every guest should have the same number of gifts at the end of the evening. Have the guests take turns unwrapping their gifts to see what they get to take home.

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