When to apply Weed and Feed to your lawn

Lawn image by Yuriy Rozanov from Fotolia.com

Lawns benefit from the additional nutrients provided by an application of fertiliser. Unfortunately, the fertiliser won't stop the weeds from growing. Rather than apply a fertiliser and then a weed killer a few weeks later, individuals can take advantage of Scotts Weed and Feed products.

One application of Scotts Weed and Feed will keep the lawn weed free and healthy.


The best time to apply Scotts Weed and Feed is in the spring or autumn seasons. It is also possible to apply the fertiliser with weed killer late in the winter season. It is important to note that Scotts Weed and Feed will stop any new grass seeds from germinating. If you plan on using it in the spring, do it four weeks after you plant the grass seeds. You can apply the weed and feed once or twice per year.


Scotts Weed and Feed works best when applied in low to moderate heat. Temperatures exceeding 26.7 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) require excess watering after the application of the Weed and Feed to keep the lawn from becoming stressed. It is also not advisable to apply Scotts Weed and Feed until after any danger of frost has passed. When you notice the weeds and grass begin to grow, apply the Weed and Feed.


Apply Scotts Weed and Feed on a day that has little to no wind. Wind can spread the Weed and Feed to areas of your property that you may not want it to go, or even to a neighbour's property. You can also apply the Weed and Feed after a rain, but not when rain is predicted to fall within 24 to 48 hours after application. You want the ground to be watered after application, but a heavy rainfall could wash the Weed and Feed away.

Other Considerations

Do not apply Scotts Weed and Seed directly after mowing the lawn. The product works best when the blades of grass have been allowed to grow for a few days. It is also best not to apply the Weed and Feed when the lawn is going to be utilised by children or pets. The herbicides in the Weed and Feed are harmful to humans and pets. Wait until the Weed and Feed has completely dried in the lawn before walking or playing on it.