Japanese Teen Girls Hairstyles

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Japan is known for making bold statements in fashion and style. Hairstyles are no exception and many people from all over the world long to recreate the hairstyles worn by teenage Japanese girls. Many of the styles seem hard to achieve, but most of them follow the same basic structure.

Long Hair

Flowing, layered curls accented by blunt or side-swept fringe is one of the most popular long hairstyles in Japan. To get this look ask your stylist to add a few long layers into your hair. Blunt fringe fringe are a signature Japanese look. Curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron to get the right waves. Pin-straight hair is also a commonly seen long haired look in Japan, and is most of the time accompanied with thick, blunt fringe across the forehead. The only difference between this style and the curly style is that the hair is flat ironed instead of curled.

Medium Length Hair

Shoulder length hair with either blunt or side-swept fringe is a flattering look for all face shapes and very popular for teenage girls in Japan. This hairstyle is a lot like the long hairstyle in the way that it is cut. You can change up your look by either adding relaxed curls around the face or straightening your hair with a flatiron.

Short Hair

Short bobs are the biggest hit when it comes to short hairstyles in Japan. You can add gentle side-swept fringe for a soft look or hair can be worn air-dried for a natural, dainty look. Hair can also be straightened with a flat iron to give the style a more elegant appearance.


Pig tails are a cute style worn by many Japanese teenagers. Pig tails can be worn high for a schoolgirl look or low at the base of the neck for a more mature look. Braids are also very popular, worn in pig tails, or pulled to one side. A sophisticated bun can be seen on some Japanese girls who use a hair stick to hold long or medium length hair in place and off the face.

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