Games That Are Not Blocked for School

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Today's schools incorporate elements kids enjoy for entertainment purposes, like computer games. Game developers have created considerable online content based on educational ideas including critical thinking and problem solving as well as subjects like math, science and language. While most schools maintain strict standards of what websites can be viewed at school, many online game sites are considered safe for viewing and are not blocked.

Identify a Safe Site

Identify safe websites for children to use that won't be affected by the school's filtering software. Keep several things in mind to evaluate a website or game for use at school: Check the website to see what other games are offered. Sometimes innocent and educational games coexist on a site with much more violent or inappropriate content. Single-player games are much safer than games that allow a multiplayer option. Kids can never be sure who it is they are playing and communicating with, so these games should be monitored carefully or disallowed altogether.

Safe websites should not require personal information beyond an e-mail address. If a site asks for a phone number or home address, it is not considered a safe website and should be avoided.

Math games

Math games stimulate kids and increase knowledge. Developers create games for kids from elementary through high-school age, and these games are easily accessed through safe websites like Play Sudoku-style games, geometry games and games about sequencing numbers, among other topics.

Language Games

Kids practice language arts skills while having fun with online language arts games. Play games, study words and even take tests on On the home page, kids can enter the words they want to study and then choose an activity to help them. Students can also work on vocabulary and reading skills using this site.

Strategy and Adventure Games

Strategy and adventure games teach kids problem solving and critical thinking skills. Some games work in story form, in which the player might be encouraged to solve a mystery or find hidden objects. Often these games include clues along the way to encourage deductive reasoning skills. One such site is This game consists of different island worlds, each with its own culture, cities and populations. Follow the clues and instructions to progress through the game.

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