What Colors of Floor Tile Look Best with White Cabinets?

blank modern kitchen image by victor zastol'skiy from Fotolia.com

White is a very popular colour choice for kitchens because they tend to be small and relatively cluttered spaces. White cabinets lighten up the room and seem to push the walls back visually. To accentuate white cabinets, choose bold, colourful floor tiles that serve as the basis for a colour scheme you plan to incorporate as an accent throughout the room. White plus one additional colour makes a simple, attractive scheme you can build around for many years with coordinating appliances, textiles, art and decorative objects.

Black-and-White Checkerboard

Black-and-white checkerboard floors are classic in kitchens. This vintage, high-contrast look creates visual interest and ties together well with white kitchen cabinets. Tie in a black-and-white motif on other objects such as aprons, clocks, or even salt and pepper shakers to build on this colour scheme. For splashes of colour, buy bold red appliances like a red coffee maker or a red toaster.

Warm Red

Warm red tiles interspersed with the occasional coppery-orange tile creates a bold colour scheme that naturally makes the mind turn to cosy wood-burning ovens. Hang posters of spicy red peppers and buy red appliances to continue the theme. Or, for a less-intense version of this decorating scheme, decorate the kitchen in a variety of warm colours like reds, yellows and oranges.

Deep Blue

Deep blue is a soothing, calming colour. Use deep blue and light blue accessories in this kitchen to tie establish a visual relationship between the floor and the rest of the room. Consider going with a "blueberry" motif to further the association with food--use pictures of blueberries, blueberry magnets on the fridge and blue-handled eating utensils.

Sage Green

Sage green is a sophisticated shade of grey-green, and is popular in home decor and especially kitchens because it is immediately associated with the colour of herbs. Sage green's biggest advantage is that it doesn't show dirt easily. Pair sage green kitchen tiles with white cabinets and use accessories that come in earthy colours such as beige and grey to give your kitchen an all-natural colour scheme.

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