Silk Floral Arrangement Courses

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The art of arranging silk flowers provides a pastime for some and a lucrative career for others. People use silk flowers for a variety of purposes from home decoration to hair accessories. Silk floral arrangement courses occur in numerous locations, with options that range from beginner to speciality classes. Whatever your budget or experience, you'll find a course that fits your needs.

Why Take a Course?

Arranging silk flowers requires technical skill, special tools and knowledge of design principles, so a course led by a professional brings more advantages than teaching yourself. Teachers take the guesswork out of flower selection and composition, and they assist with the tools of the trade, such as floral foam, pins and hot glue. Feedback from classmates and instructors will also help you develop your style.

Types of Floral Arrangement Courses

Numerous types of silk floral arrangement courses cater to different desired learning outcomes, schedules and budgets. General overview courses help you master the basics of design and may require weeks or months of study. These classes take place year-round at businesses such as craft stores and boutiques, which may offer seasonal classes that may last for one day or as long as a few weeks. These classes focus on topics such as spring flowers or fall foliage. Also look for weekend workshops for speciality or occasion-specific classes, such as wedding or holiday arrangements.

Where to Find Courses

Some large cities provide elite training academies, while smaller locales offer other options. Career colleges, technical schools and art academies represent a few of the institutes that may offer silk floral arrangement courses. Schools specifically devoted to floral arrangement instruction exist in many cities. Contact local florists and craft stores to inquire about lessons in floral design. The national chain Hobby Lobby hosts silk floral arrangement courses. Institutions such as the International Floral Design School offer correspondence courses, making silk floral arrangement classes available to everyone.

What a Course Will Teach You

A silk floral arrangement class will help you learn aspects such as colour theory, the study of the relationship between different colours. Classes will also teach about the spatial design elements of stem and flower placement, helping you to make balanced and beautiful arrangements. Most courses cover essential tools and presentation methods. Silk flowers can be displayed in a variety of ways, including bouquets, vases, and garlands. A good class will help you learn about a selection of these presentations.

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