Duties of a Church Mother

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In some denominations, "church mothers" are respected, older women who help support and nurture younger women in the church. A church mother "has lived many years and has experienced, actually experienced some of the workings of God," according to the Rev. C. William Joyner, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga.

Assisting the Pastor

One of the duties of a church mother is assisting the pastor. Church mothers might wash the clothes for the altar, prepare the bread and wine and distribute the communion wine. They also assist in welcoming new members to the church, or in offering prayers for and visiting members of the church who are sick or in nursing homes.

Church Mother's Board

A church mother is responsible for overseeing monthly meetings of the church mother's board made up of female parishioners. She teaches them things that a woman should know not only about the church, but also about family and relationships.

Counselling and Guidance

A church mother pays close attention to the physical as well as spiritual needs of the people of her church. If someone needs shoes or clothing, she speaks to her group, which will provide it. She counsels, encourages and prays with those who are in need of spiritual help. Church mothers are role models for the female members of the church, and will assist them in choosing appropriate church wear, or talk to them about respecting themselves and their parents.

Overseeing Women's Groups

It is the church mother's duty to know how the women's groups of her church are functioning. She has to ensure that they are properly staffed, well organised and spiritually motivated. She encourages and oversees these groups so her pastor can seamlessly carry out his role in a spiritual and professional manner.

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