How do I Write an Ad to Put in the Newspaper Giving Thanks for Flowers at a Funeral?

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A funeral can bring out the true giving nature of people, especially in the form of gifts of flowers. After the funeral, the bereaved may wish to thank everyone who contributed flowers, but writing thank-you notes to everyone can be a gruelling process for those still grieving the loss of a loved one. One alternate way to thank everyone for flowers is by taking out an ad in the newspaper.

Take Time for Yourself

Once the funeral is over, there are countless obligations for the family of the deceased, including handling estate issues, clearing up financial debts and generally coming to terms with the recent loss. Don't feel obligated to place the thank-you ad immediately after the funeral. General etiquette allows a two week window for sending thank-you notes or placing a thank-you ad. Take time for yourself before writing the ad, giving you time to grieve and collect your thoughts. The ad should be thoughtful and not rushed, so allow yourself this extra time. Do take note of everyone who contributed flowers and the types of flowers they gave, though.

Thank You Note Styles for the Ad

The thank-you ad can be a simple general statement of thanks, or it can be a more lengthy and personalised expression of gratitude for the gift of flowers and support. Simple thank-you ads express heartfelt appreciation without mentioning specific people or flower types. The idea is to include a thank-you statement for kindness in a difficult time in a few brief lines. These types of thank-you ads cover everyone who contributed flowers, and save the writer the difficult task of creativity during grieving.

However, an expression of more personalised thanks can be a cathartic experience for some mourners, so a lengthier ad including specific mentions of flowers, names of people who contributed and memories of the deceased is an option. Ultimately, deciding on the thank-you ad style may depend on your relationship with the deceased and those that contributed flowers.

Sample Wording for the Ad

The thank-you ad should include a general introductory line, such as, "(The deceased) passed away on (date of death), and funeral services were held on (date of funeral)."

For simple and brief thank-you ads, some sample statements include:

"The family of (the deceased) would like to thank everyone who provided flowers and support during this difficult time. Your expressions of kindness are genuinely appreciated," and "we would like to thank everyone who contributed the beautiful flowers, (the deceased) would have loved them. Your support during this difficult time is much appreciated."

For longer, more personalised thank-you ads, you can include the above wording, but thank specific people and mention specific flowers. This is especially appropriate for smaller funerals, close family and friends, and gifts of flowers that the deceased specifically would have liked. Memories of the deceased can be included in this type of ad as well.

Placing the Ad in the Newspaper

Contact the office of the newspaper or newspapers in which you wish to place the ad by phone or online. If by phone, ask to speak to the classified-ads salesperson. If online, navigate to the Classifieds section of the site, and find a link that says "Place an ad." The classified ad salesperson will explain ad prices and placement options -- determine which of these works best for your budget and intended audience. Once these have been set, set the dates during which the ad will run.

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