Homemade Best Friend Birthday Gifts

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Calling someone your "best friend" is no small feat. The two of you have probably been inseparable for as long as you can remember, and when birthdays roll around, you want to do something extra special. Special doesn't necessarily mean expensive, as you can surprise the both of you with homemade gifts.


One thing that might make you and your best friend "best friends" is your love of the same music. Create a playlist that includes some of your past favourites and some unknown songs that you think she might enjoy. You can burn the playlist onto a CD, or go a step further in making a mixed tape, decorate the cover with pictures of the two of you throughout your friendship along with private joke.


If you have a way with words, you can always pen a birthday gift for your best friend. Write a funny or sentimental poem about how glad you are to have him in your life. You could also write a story based on one of your adventures, or create an imaginative tale of the two of you in the old west or outer space. If you have some musical talent, write a song about some of your capers together.


You do not have to be Rembrandt to create a meaningful piece of art for your best bud. Use some of your shared interests as a basis for your work. For example, if you both like comics, sketch one of your favourite characters with a special message attached. If you do not have artistic inclinations, create a collage from pictures of yourselves and other images on a large piece of poster board or cardboard.


Being that you know your best friend better than anyone else, you know the tasty treats that would make her birthday all the more special. Find out how to make her favourite dessert, like pineapple upside down cake or carrot cake cookies, and leave them on her front doorstep as a surprise. Take the gift a step further by creating her dream meal from start to finish, and make a night of the festivities.