What Are Anchor Bold Roll Roof Tiles?

Choosing the right roof tile for a roofing repair or replacement job can be a difficult task, especially if you are not sure what it is you are looking for. With a bit of information on different roofing brands and types, including Anchor Bold Roll tiles, however, you can make an informed decision regarding your roofing options.


The word "Anchor" designates that the roofing tile was manufactured by Anchor Roofing. Anchor Roofing was a roofing company located in England for a good part of the twentieth century. They marked their roofing tiles by imprinting "ANCHOR" on the underside of the tiles while the tiles were still wet, making their tiles easy to identify. If your tile is an "Anchor" tile of any type, it was manufactured by Anchor Roofing.


In the later half of the twentieth century, Anchor Roofing was acquired by Liverpool-based Forticrete. Forticrete started as a brick, pipe, tile and terra-cotta manufacturing company in the late 1920s and continues to manufacture construction materials today. Any "Anchor" roof tiles made after the acquisition of Anchor Roofing by Forticrete are actually Forticrete tiles, though they may be made to the same Anchor Roofing specifications.

Bold Roll

The term "bold roll" refers to the style of the roofing tile. According to the Sandtoft tile company, bold roll tiles have "a deep rolled profile that creates a strongly undulating roof surface with a Mediterranean feel." A bold roll roof tile, when viewed in profile, from the side, resembles a "W." When fitted together on a roof, however, the tiles create a tiled shingle look that evokes images of Mediterranean villas and Renaissance charm.


Since Anchor Roofing was acquired by Forticrete, there have not been any Anchor branded tiles released. Any bold roll tiles manufactured would be Forticrete bold roll tiles rather than Anchor bold roll tiles. Forticrete no longer manufactures a bold roll tile in the traditional sense; however, they do still manufacture the "Centurion Low Pitch Roof Tile" and "Senator Pantile" tiles that achieve the same look and feel created by bold roll tiles.

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