Rubber Duck Decorating Ideas

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Rubber duckies are adorable and kid-friendly objects that can add some excitement to any decor Whether you are decorating for a party, or simply preparing a new decor for a bathroom or kid's room in your house, there are a number of ways you can integrate these additions into your space. By adding accents featuring these duckies, you can make your theme obvious, and create cohesion in your space.

Ducky Mobile

Create a hanging decoration featuring your duckies by crafting a ducky mobile for your space. Use dowel rods painted an aesthetically pleasing hue to create an X. Using a long needle, push transparent twine, such as fishing line, through the rubber duckies. Suspend these duckies at various heights from your wooden X. Add as many duckies as you wish, creating an original suspended decoration to spice up your space.

Ducky Decoration Additions

Because rubber ducks come in an assortment of sizes and colours, and are relatively inexpensive, you can easily add these items to almost anything. Craft a frame featuring duckies by purchasing a standard wooden frame and hot gluing tiny ducks around the perimeter, or make desk supplies more duck-tastic by gluing petite duckies onto the top of your stapler, or attaching one to the front of your pencil cup. These easy-to-add, whimsical additions will truly tie your space together.

Hand Decorated Duckies

Customise your duck additions by hand decorating some of your duckies. Use craft paint to add flowers, polka dots or stripes to your ducks, and bring in other hues from the room to tie the duckies to the rest of the space. Or, create fantastical ducks by painting costumes onto them or adding adorable facial features. These customised duckies will serve as attention-getting pieces in your space and likely lead to conversation when visitors spy them.

Stencilled Ducky

Add duck additions to your wall using a simple stencil. Purchase a stencil featuring a rubber ducky pattern, or create your own by tracing out a rubber ducky image on a sheet of cardboard or thin plastic. Place these duck additions haphazardly around your room, or create a border near the ceiling to add excitement to the space.

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