Crafts to Add Ribbon to Ankle Socks for Little Girls

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Ankle socks are a timeless look for little girls. Pair the socks with tennis shoes for casual comfort, or wear them accented with ruffles and bows for dressy times. Purchasing socks already decorated is usually more expensive than buying plain socks and adding a few pennies worth of ribbon. You can add coloured ribbon to socks to match or coordinate with any outfit, creating a wardrobe with a pulled-together look for your little girl.

Sew a ruffle

Turn the sock inside out and lay flat, the cuff unfolded. Mark the midpoint of the back. Measure enough ribbon to go around the top of the sock with about 2 inches over. Pin 2 inches of the ribbon overlapping the mark and begin sewing there, attaching the ribbon by a narrow seam to the sock.Use the zigzag stitch and gently pull on the sock top as you sew. Overlap the ends at the back point and finish the seam. Pivot and sew the ends of the ribbon together. The ribbed edges of the sock will gather the ribbon creating a ruffle.

Glue a ribbon bow

Tie a small bow with any size ribbon. A 1/4-inch ribbon would be proportional for a small child, but wider ribbon can work as well. Use a small bead of fabric or craft glue on the knot to secure it, then glue it in place on the side of the folded-down cuff of the sock. Add a matching bow on the other side, or put a bow at the back of the sock. You can also use purchased ribbon rosettes and glue or tack them in place with a needle and thread.

Applique ribbon

Stitch a ribbon design in place using applique technique. Cut a cross shape, for example, from a wide piece of satin ribbon, then apply it to the folded-down cuff of the sock with hand stitches around the outside, or use a sewing machine to applique it. Monograms can be made of narrow ribbon. This can be a very formal look with shiny satin, or use colourful ribbon with bright designs for a more casual look.

Embroider ribbon

Embroider a design on the socks using ribbon embroidery. This creates a very elegant look, and stitching a small flower or other simple design on the cuff of a sock is within a beginner's capabilities. Thread an embroidery needle with narrow ribbon. Use 12 to 14 inches of ribbon, and impale the short end of the ribbon on the needle before you begin. This keeps the ribbon from sliding out the needle. A small flower in ribbon embroidery can be made using crewel stitches.

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