Ideas on What to Do for My Boyfriend's Birthday

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Your ideas for what to do on your boyfriend's birthday should be focused on his hobbies and interests. It's his day, so you should do things that he likes to do. Take your interests out of the picture. Observe his life, taking into account the things that he likes to do after work, on the weekends or during vacation.

Birthday Party

Every birthday boy deserves a party on his special day. Throw a theme party for your boyfriend on his birthday. Base the theme of the party on his birth year. If your boyfriend was born in the 1970s, throw a 1970s theme party. Hire a 1970s cover band to perform songs from the era. Tell the guests to dress in clothes from the 1970s, such as bell-bottomed trousers and to wear hairstyles from the decade.

Beer Tour

For some guys beer goes well with everything, including hamburgers and fries, pizza and chicken wings. Take a boyfriend who enjoys a cold glass of beer on a tour of a brewery. Breweries across the country, including small local or regional microbreweries and large ones that sell their products across the globe, offer weekly tours to the public. The tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the company's beer is made. Visitors also get free samples during or after the tours.

Sports Car Rental

For a boyfriend who has a love affair with fast sports cars, renting him his dream car is bound to put a smile on his face. You can rent your boyfriend a sports car for a day or a weekend. Pick a fast or exotic car, such as a Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Boxster or Nissan 370 Z. Take the car for a spin and go on a long road trip, taking advantage of all the twists, turns and curves.

Camping Trip

Your boyfriend's second home is a tent. Go outside and enjoy the outdoors with him on a weekend camping trip together. Take all of the supplies you need for the trip, including sleeping bags, canteens, outdoor grill, matches, a first-aid kit and bug repellent. Take along fishing poles, so you can go fishing while on the camping trip. While on the camping trip, you can also go hiking, bicycling and swimming.

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