High Paying Creative Careers

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Many people mistakenly believe that to make the big bucks careerwise, creativity is not an option. However, this could not be further from the truth, as there are a slew of jobs that pay well and offer creative freedom.

From career paths that showcase architecture and interior design genius to jobs that allow you to express yourself artfully, a high paying creative career can keep you financially stable and mentally content.

Art Directors

Art directors earn an average annual salary of £59,488 as of February 2011, according to MyPlan.com. Art directors work with advertising agencies or communications companies, such as marketing and public relations firms, newspapers or magazines. They direct artistic approaches to layout and ad design and oversee other graphic designers doing the same. They conduct copy writing campaigns and work with clients on visual presentations. Some art directors also produce digital commercials and work with illustrators putting together client projects.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers put together entire lines of clothing, either for a name brand or for their own brand. Using computer programs or traditional sketches, fashion designers create various looks based on the season and oversee the process of producing the garments they design. Fashion designers make an average annual salary of £48,366, according to the MyPlan.com.

Game Designers

Game designers create computer or game console games for recreational play. Game designers work with a variety of computer programs and animation kits. Some oversee other designers while others provide testing for games. Game designers earn an annual average salary of £46,741, according to Artbistro.

Film Directors

Whether it's realising the big dream of directing a Hollywood feature or the more attainable goal of directing independent films for smaller studios, film directors have a slew of responsibilities to get the right outcome on the screen. Directors work with actors on dialogue and are responsible for proper settings and overall scene characteristics. They oversee others on the set to ensure that everything comes together creatively and that the right tone is set for the film. Directors approve design elements for a film and must have a talent for getting the most out of the actors. According to Artbistro, a film director makes an annual average salary of £41, 430.