Free Pirate Games for Kids

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Children who enjoy stories and movies about pirates may also enjoy playing free online pirate games. Your computer's Internet browser must have the newest version of Flash for best compatibility with these games. Free pirate games help children develop computer and response skills through enjoyable online activities.

Parents can play these games with their children, too, to teach about the games and spend family time together.

AARGH the Pirate

"AARGH the Pirate" is an online Flash game that kids can play in an Internet browser. AARGH is trapped on a deserted island and must protect his pirate gold from Sneaky Sharks. When the sharks take three treasure chests, the game ends. The levels get progressively harder, with more sharks appearing as the game continues. Players control AARGH by using the directional arrow keys on the keyboard and protect the treasure by moving to the treasure box as the sharks appear.

Cannon Blast

In "Cannon Blast" children must help Pirate Pete shoot cannons at the invading ships to protect his own ship. Pirate Pete can use one of three cannons to shoot at the ships and can sustain eight shots from the invaders before the game ends. Players use the sideways directional arrows to move Pirate Pete between the different cannons and the up and down arrows to change the angle of the cannon. Shoot the cannon by pressing the space bar.


"Pirates" allows children to create teams of three pirates that challenge a computer opponent or another player in a 2-player mode. The object of this turn-based game is to shoot at the other team while keeping your pirates alive. Players use the left and right arrow keys to move, the up and down arrow keys to change weapon aim and the space bar key to fire a weapon. The "Enter" button also allows players to jump over obstacles.

Captain Jack's Adventure

"Captain Jack's Adventure" is an overhead shooter pirate game. The screen is continuously moving, forcing the player to advance through the level while gathering pirate gold and defeating enemies. Players control the pirate ship using the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys on the keyboard. Children click the left mouse button to aim and fire at enemy ships. A new and more challenging level begins each time the player successfully navigates the previous level.