Health Hazards of Cardboard Dust

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Cardboard dust is produced when cardboard materials are cut or during the process of making cardboard items. In small amounts, cardboard dust is not hazardous to health in most individuals. There are some potential health hazards the can come with cardboard dust, especially in large amounts, such as might occur in a cardboard factory.

Cardboard Dust Allergy

Some individuals are allergic to cardboard dust. Depending on the severity of the allergy, cardboard dust can result in itchy skin, hives, runny eyes or similar irritation like any other allergic reaction. Allergies to the cardboard dust can sometimes result in trouble breathing.


Individuals who suffer from asthma can potentially have symptoms flare up when working or exposed to cardboard dust. The dust is breathed in and causes the asthma to flare up. In small amounts --- such as the amount produced when packing items in a box --- cardboard dust is usually not a problem, but in factory conditions, where there is a large amount of cardboard dust, asthma attacks can occur.

Slips and Falls

High level of cardboard dust can settle on the floor, creating a slippery layer of cardboard between the floor and an individual's foot.

Fire Hazards

Cardboard is a highly flammable material similar to paper and with a similar amount of dust. When there is a large amount of cardboard dust in the air, a small spark or flame can result in a rapidly spreading fire which catches on the small particles of cardboard.

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