Support Groups for Parents With Troubled Teens

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When parents in similar situations meet, it can provide mutually needed emotional support. In a support group, parents with troubled teens can talk about their problems, laugh about the same things, help each other and find understanding. Support groups provide an educational and therapeutic focus on dealing with troubled teens. A support group is there to help in times of crisis, provide training for parents who need to improve their skills and to reinforce positive coping behaviour. Several websites serve as platforms for parent support groups in the United States.

Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens is a website that was created by a few parents in the La Verkin, Utah community. This group tried to help local parents with teen issues that they thought needed to be addressed in their community. In the meantime, the website has grown to give support to parents worldwide who have similar problems with their teenagers. The site covers topics such as alcohol abuse and drug abuse among teenagers, education, behavioural issues and gives parenting tips. The site also lists all the local support groups for parents with troubled teens across the United States and Canada. You can find the contact details for a local support group on the site by simply clicking on the state. Parenting Teens also links to other resources, such as brat camps for trouble teens, wilderness camps and residential treatment centres for troubled teens.

By Parents For Parents

By Parents for Parents is a website that aims to provide information on parenting teens. Parents of teens (or former teens) provide articles about their struggle and tips on how to get through it. The site also features self-tests, through which parents can measure objectively how effective their parenting techniques are. In the discussion forum, parents can share their experiences with troubled teens with one another. The site also provides information on programs for troubled teens.

Because I Love You

Because I Love You (BILY) is the website of a non-profit organisation that supports parents with troubled children. The organisation promotes structure and consistency in parenting and helps parents deal with teen issues such as drugs, truancy, runaways, dress codes, problem friends and verbal and physical abuse. The website features community forums on which parents from specific areas can voice their concerns and get advice. BILY support groups hold meetings for parents on a regular basis. The website provides a list of contact details for support groups across the United States.

Conduct Disorders

A couple of parents who are raising challenging children started the Conduct Disorders website, where the focus is on children with disorders. The site has a news section that publishes the latest research on conduct disorders in teens. The forum serves as a support group where parents in similar situations can exchange advice. The forum started in the '90s when a parent in desperation reached out to other parents of troubled children through a message board called "A Place for Us." The Conduct Disorders website was created by Deborah McHugh, a dropout prevention teacher who had to deal with difficult teens in her daily life. On the site's video section, experts give parenting tips and supply information about several conduct disorders.

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