Things to Write in Friends' Yearbooks

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Generic messages such as "It was nice knowing you" or "Have a great summer" appear thoughtless and boring when inscribed in someone's yearbook. When friends ask you to sign their yearbooks, the ideal message is specific, profound and values the friendship you share. What you write in a friend's yearbook should convey warm thoughts on special moments, for long-lasting memories.

A Shared Memory

A yearbook inscription about a shared memory recalls an experience you and your friend had during the school year. A positive memory -- such as when you helped each other through a difficult time, spent an enjoyable day together or worked on a project -- cements your friendship.


Being someone's friend means knowing who he is. Writing about your friend's personality reflects your appreciation of his wit, charm, sense of humour or creativity. This yearbook message utilises a specific example, such as "Your jokes every morning in homeroom really made me laugh."


Every school year contains milestones, with each test, project or school play posing a challenge for you and your peers to overcome. When your friend has succeeded at a school-related endeavour, you can recognise her accomplishment by writing about it in her yearbook. A comment as simple as "Good job on the final essay in Mrs. Pagano's class" recognises your friend's achievement, and perhaps will encourage her to do even better next time.

Friendship Building

If the person asking you to sign his yearbook isn't someone you know well, you can still leave more than a random scribble. A warm and inviting message, such as "I am sorry we don't know each other well. I hope to get to know you better next year," serves as a sincere offer of friendship and could connect you to a lifelong friend.

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