Common kitchen sink sizes

The sink in your kitchen can come in a few distinct sizes, depending on the surface area. Too small a sink in a large kitchen is inadequate and serves best in a kitchen island, as opposed to standard use. You may also want to use a double- or triple-basin sink if you plan on doing a lot of food preparation in one area and need free space for washing or draining dishes at the same time.

Single-Basin Sink

A single-basin sink only has one tub and typically a single faucet. Food preparation and washing dishes must be performed in the single tub. This may be the perfect size for smaller kitchens, but if a person uses their sink a lot it may ultimately lack the space needed to work comfortably. It also disables the ability of the user to perform two different tasks at once using the sink.

Double-Sided Sink

A double-sided sink has two side-by-side wash basins. This allows a variety of options in the way a person uses a sink. One of the tubs could be used for washing dishes while the other could be used for draining and drying the dishes. This also allows a user to keep the space on which dishes are washed separate from the space where food is prepared. If a garbage disposal is present, typically only one of the two tubs has access to the garbage disposal unit.

Top-Mounted Sink

A top-mounted sink is designed to fit along the top, flat surface of a counter. Top-mounted sinks are attached to a countertop via their rim, which is level with the counter, while the actual wash basins are located below the level of the counter. The rim of the sink will have a raised edge used to keep water from splashing or spilling onto the nearby countertop.

Standard Size

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the standard size of a kitchen sink with one wash basin is 22 inches in length by 24 inches in width. Kitchen sinks with multiple tubs may include identically sized basins, or one large basin and one to two small ones depending on the manufacturer of and intended use for a particular sink model.

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