The Best Beginner Cigars

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Cigars come in many shapes, sizes and flavours. Navigating your way through the variety of cigars to find one right for you can be daunting -- particularly if you've never smoked them before. Deciding on what's "best" for you is a matter of opinion, but certain brands are consistently voted ideal for beginners.

Montecristo No. 4

Montecristo are the best selling cigars in the world, according to many vendors including My Cuban Cigars. Made in Cuba, the No.4 is the benchmark for Cuban cigars. They have a mild, but unique spicy flavour, and are hand rolled. Montecristo No. 4 costs approximately £8 each -- a beginner's flavour on an experts budget. Most cigars have a coloured band around the base of the cigar, and this should carry the manufacturers mark. Watch out for cheap imitations.


Guantanamera cigars are aimed specifically at the beginner. From the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba, this is a mild and affordable cigar. Guantanama have a delicate, subtle flavour with an exceedingly light body. Priced at around 70p each, this is a beginner's cigar with a beginner's price tag. Each cigar should be individually wrapped to retain the flavour. If the cigar has a split wrapper, don't buy it, as the smoke and taste will be affected.

Arturo Fuente Curly Head

Arturo Fuente Curly Head is a rustic cigar from the Dominican Republic. One of the few cigars without a coloured band around the base. Popular due to their consistent draw and mild flavour, this cigar is ideal for beginners. Costing around 90p they are affordable and enjoyable. Never touch the flame to the cigar, the outer tobacco leaf is very dry and can be easily damaged. Hold the flame a 1cm away from the tip and gently draw on the cigar.

Baccarat Luchadores

Baccarat Luchadores are sold in boxes of 25. This is a mild, sweet tasting cigar. Made in Honduras and costing about £28 per box, Baccarat is perfect for the beginner and connoisseur. Do not hurry when smoking any cigar, wait at least 30 seconds per drag, smoking a cigar too quickly makes the cigar heat up -- this spoils the flavour and draw of the cigar.

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