Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend's 17th Birthday

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Teenage girls are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. As a boyfriend, you may not know what to get for her 17th birthday. Your gift ideas should take into consideration your budget, your girlfriend's interests and how long you have before her birthday.

If you have a limited budget or not enough time, create your own gifts.

Pampering Kit

Teenage girls enjoy getting pampered. One gift idea is a birthday girl pampering kit. The pampering kit can include a shower gel, bath oil and hand lotion. You can purchase a kit from a department store or order it from a store's website. If your girlfriend has skin allergies, purchase a hypoallergenic set.

Book Gift Basket

If your girlfriend enjoys reading books, you can create a gift basket. Include two of her favourite books, bookmarks, a writing pad for note-taking, pens and snacks. Some snack choices are microwave popcorn packs and chocolate bars. Place the snacks in a separate bag to keep the books clean.

Jewellery Organizer

Teenage girls receive jewellery boxes, but you can stand out. Choose a jewellery tree instead of a jewellery box for your girlfriend. The tree has branches for her hanging earrings, bracelets or rings. She can keep the jewellery tree on her dresser, where it also functions as a decorative item.

Music-Themed Gift Basket

Teenage girls who enjoy music can appreciate a music-themed gift basket. Find out the type of music she enjoys, ranging from reggae to pop. Once she tells you, purchase compact discs from the music store or MP3 files from online music sites. Alternatively, ask her family for ideas and surprise her.

Personalised Journal

Some teenage girls enjoy writing their feelings down. A journal allows your girlfriend to express her thoughts. She can also use the journal to jot down business ideas, music or poetry. Personalise the journal and she will remember who gave it to her.