What colors of carpet go with cream walls?

carpet close up image by isatori from Fotolia.com

Decorating or redecorating a room is a great way to change your living space and give it a fresh look. Whether you are going for a bold, striking colour scheme or a soft, warmer look, taking the time to coordinate the colours in your room will give it a professional look.

Pick a colour theme

Before you start looking for colours to match your cream walls, you need to decide on an overall colour theme for the room. Will the room be your personal refuge from the daily grind or will it be the main room in your home where you entertain. These factors may have a bearing on your decisions. You should also consider the colour of the furniture that will be in the room.

Striking and bold

Cream walls are a neutral selection that allow you to bring colour into the room in other ways. For a colour plan that will give the room a striking appearance, pick a carpet in a dark blue, forest green, deep red or deep purple. These types of colours will create a strong contrast to your cream walls.

Soft tone

Using soft tones or tints of eggplant, purple, lavender, robin egg blue and similar softer tones help in creating an inviting space for you, your family and guests.

Warm tones

Use orange, rust, magenta, chocolate and burgundy tones to create a warm room. The tone and tint of these colours will have the most impact in your decorating. Before you buy any of these carpet colours, bring home large "swatches" and place them on the floor against your wall. Observe them in daylight and evening when you have interior lights on. This will help you determine the best colour to match your cream walls.