Gifts for Moose Lovers

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If there's a moose lover in your life who needs the perfect gift, you have many options at your disposal at many different price levels. A moose-themed vacation would be an innovative present. Moose themed T-shirts, stuffed animals, bumper stickers and hats are all great gifts for those givers whose pockets may not be as deep. The moose is a remarkable animal and with this guide, you will be able to appropriately choose a gift for someone in your life with a special moose bond.


There's no better way to show your love for the moose than actually becoming the moose. Many companies make novelty headwear complete with moose antlers. Also, some headwear come with the entire face of the moose, including ears, nose and eyes. Check online retailers for various moose headwear or make one from scratch.


Contact the World Wildlife Fund to adopt a moose for your moose-loving friend. Different levels of adoption are available, depending on your financing abilities. The family adoption kit contains two moose stuffed animals inside a gift box and a framed certificate and picture of the adopted moose. Adoption kits range from £16 to £162.

A Trip to Yellowstone

A trip to Yellowstone National Park could be pricey depending on the geographic location of the moose lover's home state. Yellowstone was founded in 1872. It is located in portions of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Although moose sightings were rare when the park was founded, it is now common to observe them in the southwest corner of Yellowstone.

Moose Themed artwork

Moose-themed artwork and sculptures would be thoughtful gifts for a moose lover. Cabin decorating companies stock many different moose-themed products available for purchase. Custom woodworking items can get extremely expensive, as can paintings. If these items are out of your price range and you have an artistic bone in your body, paint one yourself. Implement specific items that the moose lover is fond of.

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