Ideas for a Scary Doctor Costume

A scary doctor costume should cause the hair on the arms of onlookers to stand on end. The costume may take awhile to do, but it can be worth it to see the expressions of those around you. Several ideas, from carrying fake organs to wielding a fake butcher knife, can change a normal doctor costume into one that is reminiscent of something from a horror movie.


There are many types of doctors to consider being. The three options that may be easiest for a costume idea are a surgeon, a general doctor or a dentist. Each allows for an identifiable costume by clothing as well as accessories.

Costume Clothing

To be a surgeon, you can wear a pair of scrubs with a scrub cap and face mask. If you're being a dentist, wear a closed white lap coat and trousers; purchase a large tooth-shaped iron-on patch and place it on the upper left side of the lab coat. You can wear a pair of scrubs and an open white lab coat if you're going to be a general doctor. A woman can either wear trousers or a skirt with the costume.

Clothing Effects

Splatter fake blood all over the front of the costume from the trousers to the scrub cap. You may also want to make a few strategically placed 3-inch rips in the clothing, such as at the bottom of the shirt, on one knee or by the collar. Another option is to get the costume dirty -- which is appropriate if you want to appear like you are a dead doctor -- and lightly rub the front and back of the costume in dirt which will dirty it up just enough without getting it filthy.


An easy option is to apply streaks and splatters of fake blood on any exposed skin. A more complex option is to also use costume make-up to create fake gashes and cuts on the skin. For a dead doctor costume, apply light grey costume make-up and a few streaks of fake blood on any exposed skin. Make the make-up darker around your eyes by mixing black and grey costume make-up.


For a dentist costume, you can carry around a bloody wrench and a few fake, seemingly bloody teeth. A general doctor can wear a stethoscope around the neck and carry an oversized costume syringe that appears to be filled with blood. A large fake butcher knife can accessorise a scary surgeon costume. Some other accessory options for any version of a scary doctor costume include carrying a fake hatchet, fake bloody organs or fake bloody fingers.

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