Menu Ideas With Pureed Food

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A puréed diet doesn't mean bland food. Experiment with different flavour combinations to make many fun, tasty meals. Puréed foods, depending on thickness, are drank or eaten with a spoon. A high-powered blender or food processor can turn most foods into an edible pulp.


Smoothies work perfectly for breakfast. Aside from fruit and ice, you can add anything you want to a smoothie. Stronger-flavoured fruits, like bananas and oranges, help diminish the taste of other foods. Add oatmeal, juice or yoghurt to the fruit. For the more adventurous types, try adding scrambled eggs or vegetables to the drink. Use various fruit combinations to prevent monotony. For example, combine strawberries with bananas one day, and oranges another day. Fresh fruit purées faster, but thawed and frozen fruit works, too.


Modify common lunch dishes to fit a puréed diet. Not only do these meats contain little fat, but also provide protein and pair well with other flavourings. Purée ground chicken or turkey with relish, dressings or other flavourings to taste. Soft pasta side dishes like macaroni and cheese or macaroni and alfredo not only taste good, but are easy to eat. Blend any type of cooked vegetable to accompany the meal. Add flavourings like butter, garlic or olive oil to create variety. One example of a meal would be ground barbecue turkey, puréed carrots and macaroni and cheese.


Use a different type of meat at dinner than used at lunch, like hamburger or ham. Shredded, tender meat purées well. As you did with the lunchmeat, add ingredients to change the taste. You can also combine the meat with items like pasta and vegetables. For example, purée a piece of meat loaf with green beans. Other sides dishes that work well puréed are potatoes (any type), noodles and bread.


In addition to breakfast, smoothies make a great snack item. Instead of adding items like eggs or oatmeal as you would at breakfast, add applesauce or ice cream, instead. For example, blend grape juice, grapes and vanilla ice cream together. You can also create flavoured applesauce by adding other fruits or cinnamon to traditional applesauce and blending.

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