List of Advantages of Adventure Tourism

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Adventure tourism started out small, but has gained market share throughout the world. This is due in part to vacationers who want something different, to be able to use their time to make a difference, or they may be looking to combine travel with their favourite sport or activity. Whatever the reason, economically depressed areas and emerging markets can capitalise on the opportunity presented by adventure tourism.

Added Jobs

Adventure tourism infuses money into the local economy. This happens in many ways, from hosting travel groups, to support services such as food and transportation. If an economically depressed area brings adventure tourism, jobs in transporting, housing, feeding, and entertaining visitors are created.

Environmentally Friendly

Leaders in the adventure tourism industry are dedicated to making this tourism segement as sustainable as possible. Xola, a company that partners with new and existing adventure tourism operators, conducts industry research on the environmental impact of this type of travel. One of their reports is "Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico: Balancing Adventure Travel Potential with Climate Change and Water Scarcity."

Support Local Communities

Adventure tourism can bring humanitarian aid to areas that needs it. Adventure Aid is a company that combines a traveller's desire to make a difference with a community in need. If visitors help provide clean water or other needs, it not only benefits the community, but strengthens the community's ability to provide for future travellers. The more tourists, the more economic growth.

Creating Entrepreneurs

Adventure tourism is a relatively inexpensive industry to for a community to start. There are companies that specialise in helping emerging adventure tourism operators market their product. Partnering with an established company can help burgeoning markets gain credibility faster, since they can avoid the mistakes that others made before them.

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